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GET /examples/_design/ddoc/_search/books?q=author:John HTTP/1.1

curl https://$

  "total_rows": 1,
  "bookmark": "g2wAAAABaANkACFkYmNvcmVAZGIxMS5tZXJpdGFnZS5jbG91ZGFudC5uZXRsAAAAAm4EAAAAAIBuBAD___-_amgCRkACik3gAAAAYRtq",
  "rows": [
      "id": "book91",
      "order": [
      "fields": {
        "author": "John Steinbeck",
        "title_English": "The Grapes of Wrath"

You can try out requests and obtain output results in the code column. We have put together some sample data so that you can experiment with Cloudant straight away.

The sample database contains 9,000 movie documents in the following format:

{ "_id": "71562", "_rev": "1-72726eda3b8b2973ef259dd0c7410a83", "title": "The Godfather: Part II", "year": 1974, "rating": "R", "runtime": "200 min", "genre": [ "Crime", "Drama" ], "director": "Francis Ford Coppola", "writer": [ "Francis Ford Coppola (screenplay)", "Mario Puzo (screenplay)", "Mario Puzo (based on the novel \"The Godfather\")" ], "cast": [ "Al Pacino", "Robert Duvall", "Diane Keaton", "Robert De Niro" ], "poster": "", "imdb": { "rating": 9.1, "votes": 656, "id": "tt0071562" } }