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Important: All Cloudant documentation has moved to the IBM Bluemix platform. You can find the new content here, and the ‘Cloudant Offerings’ topic in particular here.

Content on this page will no longer be updated (Jan 31st, 2017).

Database as a Service

Cloudant is a hosted and fully-managed database-as-a-service (DBaaS). It is built from the ground up to scale globally, run non-stop, and handle a wide variety of data types like JSON, full-text, and geospatial. Cloudant is an operational data store optimized to handle concurrent reads and writes, and enables high availability and data durability.

It provides an HTTP API for working with your JSON data, and 24-hour operational support and maintenance. Cloudant is based on Apache CouchDB, and is delivered as various multi-tenant, dedicated, and installed services.

The Cloudant DBaaS offering is available through It is offered as either a Shared Plan, or an Enterprise (Dedicated) Plan.

Shared Plan

With the Cloudant Shared Plan, you have access to all the Cloudant DBaaS capabilities, provided through a shared or ‘multi-tenant’ cluster.

Pricing is metered, based on your monthly usage. There is no charge if your monthly usage is under $50.00 (as at August 2016).

For more information, see the pricing details.

Enterprise Plan

With the Cloudant DBaaS Enterprise Plan, you have access to all the Cloudant DBaaS capabilities, provided through a dedicated, single-tenant cluster.

This gives you assured database performance and up-time, using dedicated DBaaS clusters or hardware available at various hosting locations.

For more information, see the pricing details.

Cloudant Local

IBM Cloudant Data Layer Local Edition (Cloudant Local) is a locally installed version of the Cloudant Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) offering.

Cloudant Local provides you with the same basic capabilities as the full Cloudant single-tenant offering, but hosted within your own data center.

A more detailed overview of Cloudant Local is available. The IBM Knowledge Center provides information on many aspects of Cloudant Local, including: