Back up your data

Important: All Cloudant documentation has moved to the IBM Bluemix platform. You can find the new content here, and the ‘Back up your data’ topic in particular here.

Content on this page will no longer be updated (Jan 31st, 2017).

To protect your business from data loss and corruption, you should backup your data.

Two important principles help you avoid downtime and lost revenue:

You can back up your data in Cloudant by using replication to make a copy of your database.

But if your database is big, or you need backups for multiple points in time, having a complete copy of your database for each of the requirements can quickly result in significant disk usage.

An alternative is to use the IBM Cloudant Incremental Backup feature. Incremental backups are a good solution for storing only the documents that have changed since the last backup.

You can see more information about Incremental Backups in the topic Back up your data.