Important: All Cloudant documentation has moved to the IBM Bluemix platform. You can find the new content here, and the Account topic in particular here.

Content on this page will no longer be updated (Jan 31st, 2017).

Your account is your entry point for Cloudant’s API. You access your account using the address prefix https://<account> Your Cloudant dashboard is always https://<account>

If you don’t yet have an account, sign up.


GET / HTTP/1.1
HOST: <account>
curl $ACCOUNT https://$
import cloudant

account = cloudant.Account(USERNAME)
ping = account.get()
print ping.status_code
# 200
var nano = require('nano');
var account = nano("https://$");

account.request(function (err, body) {
  if (!err) {

To see if your Cloudant account is accessible, make a GET against https://<account> If you misspelled your account name, you might get a 503 ‘service unavailable’ error.